Ariel Zimmer Suel, LMT The Belly Massage Lady

Ariel Zimmer Suel


Ariel Zimmer Suel, LMT, MA is a skilled body worker, Arvigo™ Practitioner and currently the Massage Manager for Asula Chiropractic and Wellness, Lake Oswego. She was trained locally at the Oregon School of Massage and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon since 2009 and certified Chiropractic Assistant since 2011. Ariel began her training with the Arvigo Institute in 2012. Her specialties include: Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, accident and trauma rehabilitation techniques, pregnancy massage and treating women’s health issues through massage. 

She is passionate about women's health, injury rehabilitation and supporting whole families through massage. Ariel takes great care in tailoring her treatments to each individual’s needs and rehabilitation goals. She credits her effectiveness to taking time to learn about her client's body patterns, daily lives and routines. Ariel also believes that using breathing exercises, humor and stress reduction are essential to the healing process. 

In 2012 she experienced a severe car accident, leaving her with nine closed spinal fractures. Her personal experience with recovery greatly influenced her path as a practitioner. It gave her a deeper understanding of how trauma affects the body, mind and spirit and the role of massage therapy in trauma rehabilitation. Ariel is committed to patient education and advocates that massage therapy decreases pain, reduces overall healing time and can improve anyone’s quality of life.

Ariel Zimmer Suel holds her M.A. in Educational Leadership and Policy from Portland State University, and her B.A. from the University of Oregon. Outside of her massage therapy practice, she is a mentor, educator, writer, home chef, wife and step-mother.

Ariel Zimmer Suel, LMT # 16454